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Finally, tax increases we can get behind…sort of

Posted by Stephen on November 22, 2008

Make no mistake about it, government should never take the position of pilfering funds from the people before they have eliminated the wasteful use of money they have already taken. It is a statement that the American people have become numb toward. They have little to no reaction when you say “cut wasteful spending;” just ask John McCain.

American society has become so numb to the statement that they elected a socialist as President; so numb that they put in the White House a man that told the San Francisco Chronicle “I don’t understand why people in America think they have a right to keep the money they earn….,” and so numb they ignored the most liberal voting record in the history of presidential politics and voted for an anointed candidate.

That said, Barack Obama made two statements this week that has some of us quite excited….

Obama made no bones about the fact that he was targeting those making 250,000 dollars a year or more for tax increases as well as capital gains increases across the board. He also advocates a 5% tax increase for all Americans that claim an earned income. He also refused to acknowledge that most of those targeted at the above mentioned wage level were small business. Essentially, he was saying that he believes that those that create things and earn their income through hard work and ingenuity should willing to give that money to those that earn little, and in some cases, work far less. It’s a tough concept to sell.

This week he provided an example of his potential to be great. He stated that he plans to exempt from his proposed tax increases small business that show they have 10 employees or more. It is a major step that hopefully shows his desire to learn and his willingness to accept counsel on issues. At the end of the day, while no tax increases without spending cuts are fair, it was a move that is very, very positive.

The second statement entails Obama’s plan to create 2.5 million jobs through what will amount to a “new deal” to address a decaying infrastructure system. It is a plan that will cost hundreds of billions and even trillions of dollars. It is an idea that Americans from many walks of life should be able to get behind.

It will create jobs. It will in turn boost consumer spending which will invigorate our economy as the call for goods and services will increase. If implemented correctly it is exactly what the market economy needs.

If a tax increase must come, let it be one that addresses a dire need in America, will put people to work rather than write them a blank check, and will actually pay dividends for all Americans.

Additionally, the wealthy that may be targeted more aggressively in the Obama plan can at least say that the additional taxes are a sort of investment in their own agenda. After all, much of the success of business in America relies on the highway and road way systems to bring their goods and services to you. It is a reinvestment of sorts into their business and the opportunity costs associated with greater tax burdens will benefit businesses and corporate America for years to come.

All great Presidents in American history had one thing going for them; timing. Barack Obama has the potential to experience a historic presidency and it will have nothing to do with the color of his skin. Only time will tell, but this week he certainly brought some optimism for his critics to chew on….let’s hope his plate offers more meat we can sink our teeth into.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


3 Responses to “Finally, tax increases we can get behind…sort of”

  1. YankeePhil said

    Did u “kinda” drink the Obama Kool-Aid?
    “If a tax increase must come, let it be one that addresses a dire need in America, will put people to work rather than write them a blank check, and will actually pay dividends for all Americans.”

    It is just expansion of gov’t power,and control over peoples lives. More people will get a gov’t check. More people will owe the gov’t. For what? To build wind turbines? To “go green”?
    America gets nothing from this other than higher taxes.

    Leave the money in the hands of Americans and far more jobs will be created. “Let loose the dogs of capitalism,” to paraphrase the Bard. the gov’t has pledged Trillions in bailout $$$.

    That is trillions from taxpayers. How many less jobs will be created by sending more tax dollars toDC?

  2. Control over people’s lives? A blank check? Building wind turbines? Are you drinking the cool aid of cynicsm? Does it have to have an “R” next to the idea for it to be worthy of your attention?

    None of the points you make were highlighted in anything I discussed. The 2.5 million jobs were not to build wind turbines, but to address an collapsing infrastructure which includes decaying bridges and a highway system that is over 50 years old that doesn’t fix itself. Thank goodness this isn’t a welfare program therefore no blank checks, but jobs that we need since we have spent the last 12 years sending as many American jobs overseas at the expense of industry as we can. We now import basic needs in this country….are you kidding me?

    AS YOU will notice, I advocate no tax increase without spending cuts which is something Dem’s and socialist cannot seem to say with a straight face.

    However, creating jobs and saying that he will exempt small business from his excessive tax plan is something worth commending. Then again, talk is cheap and the devil will be in the actions that will accompany the details.

    If he doesn’t live up to his word there will be plenty to say about that as well……..

  3. “That is trillions from taxpayers. How many less jobs will be created by sending more tax dollars toDC?”

    I can’t agree more Phil. However, considering the trillions that Bush has spent, the American people clearly have heard enough talk by windbag politicians that talk the talk and then bury us in government expansion, intrusion, and weak trade policies that do not do enough to protect our interests.

    Obama has the rope now. He’ll either weave a basket or hang himself with it…I’m willing to see which it is.

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