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President Obama: “Our patchwork heritage is our strength”

Posted by Stephen on January 20, 2009

With one quote the President summed up the social challenge before him.

President Obama’s call for a more personal investment from all American’s is dependent on his ability to convince a cynical society to recognize diversity as the strength he alluded to in his address.

Many laws can be passed, many speeches delivered, and lots of discussion about caring for one another may take place, but if people in this country cannot accept the fact that we can be considered American’s even if we come from a vast variety of geographical locations then the lofty rhetoric of “moving forward” will die a shameful death.

Yet, the passions surrounding issues of citizenship, race, culture, values and their place in politics are as explosive as they have ever been since this countries inception. The President can lead, but who will follow?

Well, Mr. President, if not us, than who? President Obama will have to summon up all of his leadership qualities to succeed in rallying people to move beyond conversation and into action. Let us hope and pray that he can.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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