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MSNBC’s show of irresponsibility continues

Posted by Stephen on February 25, 2009

The show of stupidity that is Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann continued Tuesday night. As respected Republican Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, was about to begin the Republican response to the President’s address an obnoxious “oh God” was heard spewing out of the mouth of one of the leaders of the characterless network that is MSNBC.

Click here to see the u-tube video.

The fact that Olbermann, a buffoon and ESPN reject, can continue to be on the air simply proves that MSNBC long ago forfeited anything resembling journalistic integrity. Matthews, on the other hand, is a tremendous disappointment.

Following President Obama’s first address to Congress on Tuesday night, one of the two embarrassing hosts or the producer was caught muttering “Oh God” on the air as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal walked toward the camera to deliver the GOP response. The remark was heard after “Countdown” host Olbermann interrupted the network’s political panel to introduce the Republican governor.

“Chris [Matthews], stand by, Rachel [Maddow], stand by, we’re getting that cue from Baton Rouge where Governor Jindal of Louisiana is set to deliver the Republican response to President Obama. It is entitled ‘Americans Can Do Anything.’ Here’s Governor Jindal,” Olbermann said. As the picture showed Jindal walking toward the camera, a hushed voice — believed to be Olbermann’s or Matthews’ — said, “Oh God” as others were heard laughing in the background.

Whether is was Olbermann or not has not been divuldged but it’s safe to say that he loves the shock value of his mouthy comments. He calls it entertainment and he is diluted enough to consider himself a rebel that ‘speaks his mind.’ The reality is he interjects uneducated opinions into every conversation and has the audacity to call it journalism or reporting.

It’s perfectly fine that he is a socialist radical liberal. There’s nothing wrong with any individual taking a position or articulating a philosophy no matter how reckless it is. It becomes unacceptable to do so when you are supposed to be charged with providing information to educate a viewership. Rather than letting everyone know that he bases his obnoxious on radical leftist positions, he chooses to shock people in a manipulative manner. Sadly, he can’t help himself. It is who he is.

MSNBC, on the other hand, chooses to support a level of irresponsible reporting that is unprecedented in American media. It is another example of how bankrupt of integrity and character MSNBC is.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


2 Responses to “MSNBC’s show of irresponsibility continues”

  1. Josh said

    That’s it? You wrote a whole long blog post on something as minor as a guy making a snarky joke on-air?


  2. Stephen said

    You better believe it big boy. These types of pathetic displays directly contribute to the growing inability to come up with solutions. The fact that you can’t recognize that, and further, attempt to defend and/or dismiss the unprofessional behavior of those that spend their lives attempting to manipulate the public from a leftist position so far left I can’t find them with a telescope is a sad commentary all to its self.

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