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It’s Cheers in Miami; Tears in Cleveland

Posted by Stephen on July 8, 2010

“I’m going to take my talents to South Miami in the fall and play with Miami.” With that, TV’s in Illionois, New York and Ohio, especially Ohio, all went black….

There’s not much to add to the “Decision.” James himself mentioned pressure when he spoke the ESPN Thursday night saying, “none of us have the pressure of scoring 30 points a night or having to play all the minutes.” He spoke of winning championships now and was dismisive of Cleveland fans that were burning his jersey soon after the announcement.

It’s not all roses in Miami. They still need to sign nine players with little money to do it, though James suggested that all three were willing to take less then the max so that they might be able to sign some role players to fill their roster.

It’s not all lost in Cleveland. They now have some money to go out and pick up some players and they will have that revenge factor motivating a playoff run. Oh, who am I kidding….all might be lost in Cleveland. Byron Scott takes over an empty cabinet and a team in an angry city. Good luck with that….at least football season starts soon and the Browns are showing some signs of life.

As for the rest of the world, they need to move on. James made a business decision for less money to win now because he gave seven years to a club that didn’t put the resources around him he himself asked for. We beat a lot of athletes up for takeing the money and not playing for championships. James is going for the ring. If he came to your city with that mentality you’d be dancing in the streets…just like they are in Miami.


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