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Obama: Banking on your stupidity…

Posted by Stephen on July 9, 2010

In Missouri Barack Obama had the audacity to call Republicans “binge-spending drunken sailors.” Are you kidding me?

Obama, who has spent us into what will be 14.3 Trillion dollars in debt by the time his failed bailout money is depleted; Obama, who used master economic manipulation to avoid transparency in the obamacare bill that will add 250 billion dollars to the deficit; Obama who has added more government programs in the last year then FDR did during his entire tenure as President is banking on voter stupidity in November.

He really hopes he can throw a smoke screen up and fool the American people a second time into believing that he has a plan that isn’t rapped in a socialist agenda despite the fact that his actions contradict every word that comes out of his mouth.

Obama hopes you ignore the numbers; he hopes you ignore the polls; he hopes you are naive enough to believe that the reason the Democrat MAJORITY in Congress can’t get anything done is because a minority of officials disagree with them. Is he serious?

Thankfully, Republicans are fighting back. In Missouri Senate hopeful Roy Blunt (R-MO) is not intimidated by the loud rhetoric from the leader of the liberal economic failure we are buried under.

“Health care, cap and trade, card check, bad tax policies, where are the jobs, and why is the government spending so much money?” asked Blunt who welcomed Obama’s involvement in the Missouri campaign. “He can come to Missouri all he wants to. I’m glad to make him part of this campaign if that’s what he wants to be.”

Republicans are staying on point. Friday the Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new television ad slamming Obama and Reid on their views on the economy and saying they give too many bailouts and handouts. The ad was slated to appear in Nevada for one day with the message that the two are a “bust.”

Obama is clearly taking the advice of Eddie Murphy. Murphy once performed a stand-up skit where his girlfriend caught him involved with another woman. As she stands in front of him and confronts him of having an affair and lying to her, Murphy simply says, “…wasn’t me.” No matter how much proof she presented he kept repeating, “wasn’t me.” Eventually, the girlfriend caved, and said…”OK,” and walked away.

Unfortunately for Obama and his plan, we aren’t that stupid and this isn’t a comedy.


One Response to “Obama: Banking on your stupidity…”

  1. During the campaign he had his words and he could use them to get people on his side. Now, we have more than words. We have seen his actions as President and we are seeing the damage that is being done by them. I think there are a lot of Americans who are still just not paying much attention or think they need to give Obama more time or that everything is still the fault of Bush and the Republicans, but he has not delivered the hope and the unity he promised. Voters will remember that.

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