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Who is Mel Gibson?

Posted by Stephen on July 10, 2010

Mel Gibson has apparently been caught on tape verbally tearing into the mother of his “love child.” Click Here and be prepared for a sad display of hatred and verbal violence.

As a true movie lover Mel Gibson was one of my favorite actors. From the Lethal Weapon movies to Brave Heart and What Women Want, he entertained and rewrote the definition of action hero.

Today, he seems to have deteriorated into a dark, hate filled person who seems to have no limits on who he hates or who he lets know about it.

The man’s personal life, and his feelings about people for that matter, are probably none of my business, but since he makes tens of millions of dollars from people like me that buy DVD’s and go to movies on a regular basis, I’m glad I know.

I’m at a loss to determine the importance of something like this. It’s not like he’s Kevin Costner spending his time trying to clean up the Gulf of Mexico, or Bono trying to end AIDS, or a host of actors trying to feed the hungry in Darfur and other impoverished nations. He’s just some guy named Mel Gibson that reminds me of a guy that used to be a really good actor….


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