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Obama: Clueless on the economy, bankrupt of leadership skills and resorting to pointing fingers at anyone he can….

Posted by Stephen on July 25, 2010

President Obama says an economic plan by the House Republican leader just repeats job-killing policies of the past and would take the country “backward at a time when we need to keep America moving forward.” It doesn’t matter that his economic plan has added 5 Trillion dollars of debt to this nations deficit; it doesn’t matter that he promised NO tax increases to pay for his unconstitutional obamacare plan; it doesn’t matter that he has no idea how to create any job that isn’t a government job, because to a socialist he is right on point. That’s all he knows because that’s all he is.

On Sunday House GOP leader John Boehner said the president had “stooped to partisan attacks because he can’t sell his own plan at a time when millions of people want to know what happened to the jobs Obama promised to create.”

Days after imposing new regulations on the financial industry, Obama said Saturday that the new law is a “key pillar” of his overall economic plan to reverse the recession that began on Wall Street and build a stronger economy overall.

Previewing one of the arguments he’ll be making as he campaigns for congressional Democrats heading into the November midterm elections, Obama acknowledged that the economic growth on his watch isn’t nearly enough to replace the millions of lost jobs.

But he said essentially that the Republican alternative — repealing the health care law, continuing tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals and rejecting investments in clean energy — would be much worse. From his perspective, he is absolutely correct. To repeal an unconstitutional forced health care program that will eventually lead to a government takeover of health care services in this country would be contrary to his socialist belief that the state should provide all things to the people.

Boehner countered that Republicans have better solutions and will finally put a stop to Democratic tax hikes and audacious spending sprees that are bankrupting the economic future of this country. On our current course there won’t be a need for government bailouts because there will simply be a government takeover of much of the private sector…hence, obama will raise a flag of victory because, as a socialist, that’s how you “create” jobs.

“The fact is that Washington Democrats’ policies have created uncertainty that has undermined our economy, shaken the confidence of the nation and cost millions of American jobs.” Boehner continued, “Our nation needs leadership, not excuses.”

In the Republican’s weekly address, Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., promised a fight against a tax increase that he said is coming next year.

Tax cuts enacted under Republican George W. Bush’s presidency are scheduled to expire in January and — partly out of voter concern over the rising federal budget deficit — Democrats are undecided over whether to extend them as Republicans advocate.

“The American people know we can’t tax and spend and bail our way back to a growing economy,” Pence said. “House Republicans opposed the Democrats’ failed stimulus bill, their national energy tax, their government takeover of health care and House Republicans will oppose this tax increase with everything we’ve got.”

obama feels, as he stated in his weekly address, “We are moving forward.” It doesn’t matter that people don’t feel that way. It doesn’t matter that we are hovering at double digit unemployment. It doesn’t matter that he is putting the final dagger in industry in America. It doesn’t matter that he forced a health care plan on the people because he fails to recognize that this is not a democracy, but a republic that demands he represent us. It doesn’t matter that he is out of touch on EVERYTHING that impacts you and I from immigration to the economy. For him, as long as the taxes increase and the people come to rely more on the government then, as he stated, “we are moving forward.”

Thanks to obama, he is right about one thing he said in his address….it will take years to fully repair the damage. The question is how much more damage is he going to be capable of between now and 2012….



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