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Pataki: GOP Must Not Compromise on Debt

Posted by Stephen on July 12, 2011

Republicans must reach an agreement with President Barack Obama on a debt ceiling increase, but without abandoning their principles of low taxes, less regulation and a strong growth environment for American business, former New York Gov. George Pataki tells Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview.

The GOP must not accept any deal that raises taxes, doesn’t deal with entitlement spending or lays the blame on the private sector, he said.

“So long as we stick to those principles, then it is appropriate to try to find common ground with the Democrats.”

Pataki said any deal that doesn’t include major moves to reduce the deficit should be rejected.

“It is unsustainable. It is un-American to steal from the future to engage in theft against the children of the next generation so that we can pay off interest groups today.

“It’s got to stop and it should stop right now.

Pataki, who now runs the website No American Debt, said, “We just got the second month in a row of pathetic job numbers and there is no question that the Obama policies have dramatically hurt what would have been a much stronger recovery from the recession and much greater job growth.

“Now to allow them to continue their failed policies of increased taxing, greater regulation and more government control at a time we need small businesses and the private sector to start hiring would be just a terrible thing for the country and the wrong thing to do, both from a policy standpoint and politically.”

Pataki, the three-term governor of New York between 1995 and 2006, said last fall’s elections sent a clear message to Washington. “People believe government is too big, it controls too much of our lives, it spends too much and the solution is to reduce government spending and to reform the entitlement programs and certainly not to raise taxes.

“A great many of the House majority understand that was what the electorate was telling the American political class and that’s what is right for the future of this country.”

Pataki pointed out that Obama’s own fiscal commission proposed a deal that would have cut more than $3 trillion from the deficit. “Three of the most liberal Democratic senators signed off on that report,” he said. “He can’t agree to any of that?”

Pataki had particularly harsh words for measures passed when the Democrats had control of the White House and both Houses of Congress from 2009-2010. “There’s no question that the Democrats felt not just empowered but able to dictate to the American people for two years,” he said.

“They rammed through the horrible stimulus bill that we’re going to be paying for for generations that didn’t create the jobs they talked about,” Pataki said. “They rammed through Obamacare which is the worst law in my lifetime and is going to require tens of millions of Americans to change the way they get health insurance in a way they don’t like. They rammed through Dodd-Frank which is leading to some of our major financial institutions hiring people not in New York but in Singapore and overseas.

“They loved having that power,” he said. “There are a great many Democratic politicians in Washington today who aren’t concerned about the public in 2011, they’re concerned about the elections in 2012.”

But Pataki was complimentary to one Democrat, his successor in Albany, current New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “He’s off to a very good start,” he said. “So far he has done the right thing and he has taken the appropriate line.

“We’re seeing at the state level the type of leadership that is missing between Obama and Reid and Pelosi in Washington. It tells a great deal that you have both Republican and Democratic governors across this country understanding that they have to close the deficits in their state budgets without raising taxes and in Washington the Democrats are doing the exact opposite.”

By Martin Gould and Ashley Martella


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