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Rubio Opposes McConnell Debt Plan

Posted by Stephen on July 18, 2011

Conservatives seem to be shying away from supporting Mitch McConnell’s debt plan, and rising GOP Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is at the top of the list.

On Sunday he said strongly voiced his opposition to the plan on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation.’

“The way the deal is currently structured right now … it gives the president the ability to raise the debt limit, but as I’ve said already on the program, the debt limit’s not really the problem here. The problem is the debt,” Rubio said and The Hill reported.

Rubio worries the nation’s credit rating is at stake if the country does not make significant steps at reducing the deficit.

“I don’t believe this plan, as it’s been outlined to me, is a credible solution to our debt problem,” Rubio said.

Other conservatives voicing opposition include Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), one of the Senate’s most outspoken advocates for deficit reduction.

“I am only going to support something that actually solves the problem, and if we don’t solve the problem — and not the political problem,” he said on ‘Face the Nation.’ “If it doesn’t solve the policy problem for this country, I am not going to support it.”

Others joining their ranks include Sens. Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Mike Lee of Utah, as well as Sens. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.


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