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Obama playing political games while foregoing leadership

Posted by Stephen on July 27, 2011

What do you do when you are a failure as a leader? You use smoke and mirrors to manipulate people around you. You play games to convince others that you have a plan and play blame games when people ask you where the plan is.

If you don’t believe me, just watch obama in the White House. If you need proof, listen to obama wax on about the looming August 2 deadline.

On the one hand, obama claims financial markets will crash on August 2 if there is no deal to raise the debt ceiling. On the other hand, Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino broke the story that the White House has been privately reassuring the banks that no default will take place.

“I think the administration is being really duplicitous in this,” Gasparino told Fox News host Martha MacCallum Tuesday afternoon. “Listen, we know that we don’t have to default. I’m not saying the other scenario is pretty, but we know they don’t have to default.

“Why are they saying it?” he asked. “I believe they’re saying it to get the markets insane, to basically cause a massive sell off … that’s the only thing you can surmise from this. Why do you keep bringing up default when they don’t have to default?”

Instead of leading at a time when America is thirsty for a sign that someone is prepared to show the way out of our current fiscal crisis, obama is playing games.

It seems the obama plan was to upset investors, and the public, enough to create a market panic; a rush to dump stock and flea from the market causing further job killing moves by companies and businesses that would move into survival mode. Obama would then come to another podium near you and deliver another campaign speech on how Republicans in Congress have failed. His hope would be that the pressure would be too much for the GOP and they would cave to tax increases he is demanding, and a new spending cap that would allow business as usual going into his reelection campaign in 2012.
He may have cut his nose off to spite his face.

“The administration may have made a strategic mistake in warning too soon that the market would react negatively,” financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote in Tuesday’s New York Times. “It ultimately undercuts the government’s negotiating position because the doomsday scenario has not played out, even though the deadline is fast approaching.”

Further exasperating obama’s goal is the fact that the U.S. market seems unconcerned.

So far, undeterred, obama hopes that the increased volatility in international markets will continue and even expand.

David Patten of writes that “If the drumbeat of pessimistic public warnings caused a massive stock selloff, it would give the administration much more leverage in its negotiations with grass-roots conservatives in Congress. And that, Gasparino appeared to be suggesting, is precisely the administration’s objective.”

His report continues, “Gasparino also told MacCallum that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is talking out of both sides of his mouth, privately telling banks not to worry about default in private while invoking sturm and drang in public.”

“That’s exactly what’s going on,” he said.
While obama plays games, the people are waiting for true leadership. Unfortunately, it may not appear until the election in the fall of 2012.

Read more on Gasparino: Obama Wants Massive Stock Sell-off


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